The Facts

During the handling of some cruise ship rape cases by a law firm, some facts admitted to by the shipping companies have emerged.

  1. A major cruise lines combined fleet has approximately 2 reports of sexual assaults or rapes per hundred thousand passengers. Statistically it should be kept in mind that these passengers are not on the vessel but for a short period of time, which makes comparison of these statistics to shore side sexual assaults and rapes difficult.

  2. A major cruise lines had reports of 99 sexual assaults or rapes in a five year period.

  3. Another major cruise lines had reports of 173 sexual assaults or rapes in a five year period. None of the 173 sexual assault or rape reports resulted in a single prosecution which is why it is so important to get help.

  4. Yet another major cruise line has reports of having 2 rapes or sexual assaults per month on each of it's ships.

  5. One cruise line has a risk management team dedicated to handling only rape and sexual assault claims. They have a full-time staff just for cruise rapes and sexual assaults. One has to wonder why the security department does not handle rape and sexual assault situations, but rather a risk management team.