The Real World

Although there is criminal jurisdiction over sexual assaults and rapes on vessels; as a practical matter, very little happens from a criminal law enforcement point of view. That only leaves civil actions for money damages as a means to obtain any justice.

In a case being handled by Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, PA, they discovered that out of 174 complaints of sexual assault or rape on a major cruise line's vessels during a 4 year period, not one person had been prosecuted nor convicted.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that the very same cruise line has processes and procedures in place to avoid any news of the sexual assualt and rapes getting out. Their Risk Management Manual states:

  1. As all accidents or illnesses may result in litigation, the Risk Management Departement should be promptly notified in the event of an accident or incident, to jointly review and analyze the information received from the ship's initial investigation, to determine the steps necessary to further investigate and defend any claims arising out of the accident/ incident including immediate contact and retention of defense counsel.

  2. As required, make arrangements to transport defense counsel investigators to next port of call.